PoochPants™ XX-Small (up to 4 lbs)
Item# PPXXS01

Product Description

XX-Small diaper for the female dog. Fits female dogs up to 4 lbs. with a waist measurement of 6"-12" and a waist to tail measurement of 4".

PoochPants™ dog diapers combine the absorbency and odor controlling properties of PoochPads into a comfortable and easily managed diaper construction. PoochPants™ require no inserts and are completely washable and reusable (Guaranteed for 300 washes!). Each PoochPants™ contains Microfine fiber technology to control odors. Available in seven different sizes to fit most Pooches (XX-Small to XX-Large).
PoochPants™ keep your "leaky" pooch bone-dry and protects their skin.