1) What are PoochPads?

PoochPads are reusable protective floor mats that are absorbent, odor-controlling pads designed for dog owners who love their dogs but hate the mess and odor resulting from "accidents". Not only can they be washed over 300 times, making them very cost-effective, they even stop the odor of urine.

2) How do they work?

PoochPads utilize a reusable fiber technology developed exclusively for PoochPad. This light-weight, extremely absorbent material not only can absorb more than 4 times it weight (a large PoochPad absorbs about 48 oz. of fluid), it also holds on to liquids like a magnet and traps it so it can not leak on to floors or other protected areas. And, it contains an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause the odor from urine so your house smells fresh and clean.

3) Which side is up?

PoochPads are composed of technologically advanced multi layers. The PoochPad logo side is the top. This side allows moisture to pass through to the absorbent odor inhibiting layers. The bottom fabric prevents urine from soaking through to floors and carpets.

4) How do I get a puppy/dog to use it?

There is no attractant on a PoochPad. If you are paper-training your puppy, you can spray some of our PoochPad attractant on the pad prior to use.

If there is a problem spot on a carpet or floor, place your PoochPad over that area for protection. PoochPads will not soak through.

Dogs would rather stand on a soft surface as opposed to a hard floor so a PoochPad on a tile or linoleum floor is an ideal place to "go".

Older dogs seem to know the PoochPad is "their place to go."

5) Is it expensive to use?

No. After the initial purchase of your PoochPad, you can use it over and over. It can last for years. For example, PoochPads are guaranteed for at least 300 washings. If you purchase a PoochPad for $19.99 and use it at least 300 times, your cost is less than 7cents per use.

6) How many do I need?

We recommend at least 2, although most customers that use them regularly, purchase a dozen or more over time, so that they always have clean pads available.

7) How does it stop odors?

Most odors are caused by bacteria. In urine, there is a bacteria that is normally present called Proteus. When a dog urinates, these bacteria start to multiply and give off ammonia as a by-product. This ammonia is what causes the strong urine smell you might notice in your home if your pooch has an "accident", especially if its warm. PoochPads contain odor inhibiting fibers that will not wash out, even after 300 washes. This odor inhibiting layer slows the growth of these bacteria so your house stays smelling fresh.

8) I work all day and my dog is "home-alone". Even though he is house-broken, will he still use PoochPads?

Yes, most dogs can be easily trained to use PoochPads.

9) Will it work for my older dog?

PoochPads are great for older dogs. They were actually invented for my older dog "Sassy" who can't seem to make it through the night and has "accidents" on her bed. I just put PoochPads in several locations in our house so there is always one close by just in case!

10) Will it hurt my washing machine?

No, simply wash your PoochPad in warm to hot water with detergent and a small amount of bleach and dry in the permanent-press cycle in the dryer. Please do NOT try to wash any of the grass mats or plastic trays in the washing machine.

11) How often do I need to wash it?

Typically, PoochPads can be used multiple times through part or all of the day before they are laundered for reuse.

12) How long does it last?

PoochPads can last for years. You can easily wash your PoochPad at least 300 times. Maybe even more! This makes PoochPads very easy on your pocketbook.

13) What else can I use it for?

PoochPads can be used for protecting furniture, seats in cars or anywhere your pooch may have an accident.

14) What happens if my dog eats it?

All of our PoochPad Products are not meant for consumption. If your puppy or adult dog ingests any, it could cause an upset stomach. If you have any worries please reach out to your veterinarian for consultation as we cannot be responsible for any action by any animal.

15) Are there different sizes?

PoochPads are currently available in 5 sizes: Small 17" x 23"; Medium 20" x 27"; and Large 30" x 32". They come in single packs, two packs and an economy 3-pak. At the request of dog breeders, we also make XLarge 36" x 36" and an XXLarge 48" x 48" PoochPad. We also make a very large pad designed for use in an SUV 48" x 60".

16) Will my veterinarian think this is a good idea?

Veterinarians love PoochPads. The Texas A and M School of Veterinary Medicine uses PoochPads both in small animal surgeries and in recovery to protect the animals. And, numerous veterinarians throughout the United States use PoochPads in their daily practice.

17) Is there a guarantee?

Yes. PoochPad Products has a guarantee against manufacturer's defects. Please contact customer care for a return authorization number at customercare@poochpad.com or 888-232-2732.

18) Contact Us

Microfine Incorporated/PoochPad Products at 888-232-2732 * 336-768-1480 * customercare@poochpad.com