PoochGuard™ Hike Shield
Item# PG16P24HS

Product Description

PoochGuard™ Potty Hike Shield 37" x 11.5"

Add our new PoochGuard™ Hike Shield to your existing Indoor Dog Potty or PoochPad®. Rigid design provides boundaries to help prevent dogs from urinating off edge of potty or on the wall. Great for male dogs that lift leg to urinate. Convenient folding design easily slides into track of Connectable Indoor Dog Potty tray. Can also be attached to Interlocking/Replacement Pads using elastic straps or simply stand on Traditional PoochPad®. Provide additional odor control and splash resistance by attaching additional replacement pads (sold separately) to the PoochGuard™ Hike Shield using the elastic straps.