PoochPad® Dog Bed Cover, Large 42"x30" Beige
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Product Description

Large, 42" x 30", extra beige cover for the 42" x 30" PoochPad® bed. Also available in blue.

The only bed that absorbs liquid and stops odors – all day long! PoochPad® Dog Beds keep pooches comfortable and bone dry ...even if they have an “accident” while on the bed. The PoochPad® Dog Bed cover will absorb up to 4 times its own weight in liquid without leaking, An impermeable bottom layer prevents any absorbed moisture from passing through to the bed itself. PoochPad® Dog Beds also control odors and they’re easy to clean. Just put the removable bed cover into your washing machine. It can be washed over and over without losing its liquid-absorbing or odor-killing properties.