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PoochPad Products Indoor Dog Potty Center


​*There are several items that are low stock at this time of year. We are making every effort to get them back in stock to ship by the end of January. If you are interested in these items and would like to take advantage of the sale, please order now to take advantage of the coupon and we will ship them as soon as we can in the New Year!*

Your source for PoochPad Housebreaking Pads, PoochPad Extra Absorbent Pads for Mature Dogs, PoochPad Crate and Kennel Pads, PoochPad Dog Beds, PoochPants Diapers and Male Wraps for Dogs, PoochTurf, PoochPad Attractant and PoochPad Cleaner. PoochPad Products are reusable and washable, - featuring odor-inhibiting properties.

PoochPads can be used for housebreaking puppies, older incontinent dogs and "home-alone" pooches.